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Artful Artsy Amy: What is Art: Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year

What a brilliant way to explore challenging  the narrow perception of what is and can be before they actually take an art class.

What a positive way to start the conversation with students and engage them in critical thinking early in the school year.


Source: Artful Artsy Amy: What is Art: Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year


Creative Educator – 5 Hallmarks of a Creative Project

Creative Educator – 5 Hallmarks of a Creative Project.


As I read through this nugget of classroom creativity I thought this would be appropriate for sharing.

My favorite of the five is number three:  If a work is truly creative, it doesn’t even require the student’s name on it.  Because if something is the fruit of creative labor, there can be very little doubt as to who created it.

Such a truth as ever there was.  I remember when I had packed classrooms, six times a day, and I was evaluating stacks of student work. I could pick out different pieces and attribute them correctly without looking for the signatures on the backs of them.  It wasn’t that I was some sort of psychic or anything. It was because those kids literally put themselves into the work.

Our first stop… collage and recycling… exploring connectedness across cultures… global conservation. Nice touching on so many things at once.

Developing a view on Global Art Education

This is the inaugural post for my blog: Global Art Education.  This blog’s intent is to work with other educators so that together we can create an art education curriculum for the secondary art classroom.  As all art can be the starting point for a limitless series of discussions on global awareness issues, environmental issues and the like, this blog is being developed with it’s driving educational ideas propelled with those issues in mind.

Currently, I am sorting the nuts and bolts that make up this page and its future progeny.  Until later – an artistic à bientôt.

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